Holmasjön Prospektering AB

Holmasjön Prospektering’s businessplan is by own exploration, identify and develop mineral resources. The company focuses its business on base- and precious metal deposits in Sweden.

Holmasjön Prospektering’s long-term goal is to become a significant player in the exploration and mining development. Holmasjön Prospektering AB has in June 2016 six own exploration permits.

The past years has brought great difficulties to finance mining projects, and great uncertainty has permeated the industry. A slight decline in the growth rate in China has contributed to the uncertainty as the world economy temperary weakness. Despite this, there are still great opportunities in the mining industry.

The fundamental relationship is essentially left: currently underway history’s greatest increase in many people’s living standards. As in many revolutionary processes it tends that the rate of change is over interpreted and power of the will be underestimated. It is likely the same ratio in this case. Industrialization and urbanization in the populous emerging markets continues and creates great opportunities for properly positioned companies and long-term investors.

Website: http://www.holmasjon.se/index.php/en/